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The following artists gave a slide presentation at KIPS 2001.

To Japanese version Introducing Spencer Tunick
by Spencer Tunick Click to see more of his Japan photos.

Native New Yorker. Graduated from Emerson College in Boston, MA in 1988. From this past summer, Spencer has been traveling around the world to photograph nudes of ordinary people in public spaces for a project called Nude Adrift.

He is most famous for art installations of hundreds of nude people lying down or crouching in a public space.

Spencer just happened to be in Japan during KIPS 2001, and we invited him and his girlfriend to Kyoto in time for the slide show. He showed an interesting video of his arrest in New York's Times Square in 1999 and also announced that he was looking for nude models. The day after the slide show, he photographed a few young women in the nude in Kyoto in the early and chilly morning. You can see a few of his shots he took in Kyoto at

To Japanese version Introducing Goth Carter
Hey mom, I'm gonna be late Goth Carter Keiko in kimono by Goth Carter

Born in Sydney, Australia. Lifelong connection with photography through both his parents who have been professional photographers, writers and filmmakers all his life. Goth began taking photos in his early teens, and could independently take a black-and-white photograph, process the film and make a print by age fifteen.

His interest in people's hidden or private sides or fantasies materialize in the form of photographic portraits (mainly black and white). His influences include black-and-white photographers from the 1940s onwards who made powerful statements with their portraits and fashion photos, such as Francesco Scuvullo and Helmut Newton.

To Japanese version Introducing Micah Gampel

Pompeii tavern

Born in Niagara Falls Canada in 1951. Became interested in photography with his first Kodak Brownie camera. Worked in commercial studios in Vancouver, Canada in the 1980s and studied professional photography in Vancouver Community College graduating with a diploma.

Work was scarce so he moved to Kyoto in 1991 and he now takes photos occasionally for magazines and artists there, as well as photographing the local cultural events and beautiful streets and temples of Kyoto. For the past three years he has taken photos of body builders in Osaka and Kyoto, a sort of living sculpture photography.

To make a living, he teaches English and some darkroom photography in his home darkroom which is also available for rent.

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